Healthcare & Medical

  • Health Plan and Insurance Support
  • Appointment Services
  • Medical Facility Front Desk
  • Online Directory or Multi Facility Triage Support
  • Medical Smart Device and App Support

 Retail Product Support

  • Expert Product Representation
  • Order Support
  • Customer Care
  • Web Chat & Social Media Support
  • Light Fulfillment

 Food & Beverage

  • Ingredients Representation
  • Customer Support
  • Coupon Fulfillment
  • Incident Documentation
  • Recall Support

 Service Industries

  • Event Registration
  • Hospitality
  • Rental & Property Management
  • Alert Monitoring
  • Front Desk

 Marketing Support

  • Lead data verification
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Direct Response

 Hardware & Software

  • Tiered Technical Support
  • Help Desk
  • Applications and 3rd Party Integrations
  • System monitoring to remotely check websites from several geographic monitoring stations at selected intervals

 Telecom & ISP

  • Tiered Technical Support for Fiber internet services, VOIP and IPTV services
  • Help Desk

 Online Education

  • Classroom Technology Support
  • Password Resets
  • Course & Registration Support
  • Network Outages for Students and Faculty

 Outsourced Agents

  • Dedicated Agents
  • Outsourced agents sit on your instance of inContact

Hybrid Support

  • Solution One
  • We provide a full service call center solution for your business with our Agents handling all points of contact. This option is highly customizable. We work closely with you to ensure that your business culture and needs are fully represented in all areas during the onboarding process and setup. We ensure that the Agent representation you receive is what you truly need to help maximize your growth potential.
  • Solution Two
  • We provide your company with the cloud contact center software that gives the ability to utilize your current support team in an in-house call center type environment. We will walk you through the setup and implementation of the platform. We offer a higher degree of support than most competitors for smaller set-ups at a better price point.
  • Solution Three
  • This solution creates a blended team of your current support team and ours. We provide you with the complete package from Solution Two plus our Dedicated Agents. It adds an additional layer of peace of mind as you control when and how the call volume flows to our Agents. This also means that your overflow is documented in the same reporting logs and format as the calls your in-house Agents take.
  • Solution Four
  • You are a call center of your own or have your own support team and looking for call overflow support. Your calls can be forwarded to our Agents on our platform. This is a great solution that can include after hours or weekend support that you prefer not to handle; for small offices where support team is often on the go or distracted with other work.



Thanks to technology life and business often deviate from the traditional business hours, so can your support. We operate 24/7/365 at no additional cost in order to meet our US based clients international support needs.

US Based Support – Our Agents

All of our Agents, both remote and in-house are located within the US and are employed directly by Frontline Call Center. Our ideal Agent exhibits high touch phone skills, excellent written skills and are familiar with today’s technology. With strategic controls and technologically advanced monitored systems we provide an environment that enhances our employees strengths allowing them bring creativity, flexibility and dynamic performance to their jobs.

Dedicated or Blended Agent Models

Dedicated Agents are a great choice for high volume accounts that are either informationally intensive and require service levels above the 80/30 offered through our Blended support. Often our client’s layer in overflow or after hour support using our Blended Agent options to cover lower volume times when a Dedicated Agent can’t be fully utilized.

Skill Based Routing

Using our contact center software, we are able to deliver multiple communication channels. These include Inbound/Outbound Phone, Outbound Dialers, Email, Chat, SMS and Social Media Support.

Surveys & Outbound Call Campaigns

The outbound component to customer care is often treated as the ugly step sister when in reality it can be a great opportunity to build sustainable communication and longevity with new or existing clients and customers. While we are not Telemarketers we do offer Data Verification for updating lead lists or CRMs, Event Notification/Registration and automated or manual Surveys.

Customized IVR

An IVR is so much more than press 1 for Customer Care or 3 for a Company Directory by name. We approach it as setting the stage for a successful interaction that supports your company brand. With the ability to customize the messages, music and options played it can be tailored to feel like an integrated part of your business. Automated call back options, self-service press paths and hold options like music or news on demand are a few of the options available to make the caller's experience better.

3rd Party Translation Services

Language barriers are not conducive to business. We partner with Language Services Associates to make interpretation services for most languages affordable and practical. Our agent dials a dedicated number, enters a unique access code and request the interpreter. Within seconds, a qualified interpreter joins the call delivering a fully understood caller experience.

Dedicated Bilingual Support

In addition to the on demand 3rd party interpretation, we offer bilingual speakers as part of our Dedicated Agent model. While our clients value the fact that our Agents are native English speakers other languages are commonly spoken throughout the US. Many companies also have business entities in other countries that need to be supported or communicated with regularly.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

When it comes to all things customer care your CRM or database can be your most valuable asset. When customers, contacts and interactions are documented or logged by both the company directly and the agents providing the support it makes for transparency in handling with seamless real time first call resolutions. Call Dispositions can be tied in with your CRM in order to identify growth areas.

Toll Free and Local Numbers

We are capable of hosting your existing number, providing toll free, local or true 800 phone numbers. International phone numbers are also available. If you would like to retain direct ownership of your current number for marketing purposes we can provide forwarding numbers and skill the calls accordingly so they can be tracked against your marketing campaigns.

Transparency In Support

The Frontline Call Center Community 2.0 changed the way our Agents interact with our Clients information and data for the better. Using The Community we are able to provide relevant account specific information on a need to know basis using fully searchable and easily updated Community pages. This informational search ability gives us a lot of flex in being able to train agents to free script, making calls flow as naturally as possible while allowing Agents to capture information correctly, cross reference other areas without jumping script and to provide a first call resolution as often as possible. It allows our clients to listen to calls and pull call logs with metrics on demand.

Account Management

Frontline Call Center Managers are well trained professionals, who act as an extension of your company. These hard working individuals bring varied skills, expertise and energy to any project or campaign that is supported by Frontline. Some Account Managers choose to work from remote home offices allowing flexibility and a higher retention rate while others work from our main office located in Friday Harbor, WA. At the click of a button Account Managers can listen on any call in progress. They also support the Agents using secure online chat methods. All upper management is selected in part for their multi-tasking skills and ability to monitor Agent Chats. Agents can ask questions and cross verify information with other team members, Managers, Supervisors or designated staff within your company.

Admin Support

In addition to the traditionally outsourced support via Phone, Email and Chat we also offer administrative services. These can include one off projects, system monitoring, data compilation, software demonstrations, shipment or vendor coordination and content writing.

Light Fulfillment

Frontline Call Center offers light fulfillment services through our Friday Harbor, WA location. This includes small replacement parts, sending of coupons and also return packaging for quality control of products.

Consultation Services

Frontline Call Center is diverse both in the services we offer but also due to our experience and industry positioning. We know call centers and have won awards for our capabilities. Our CEO, Jill Blankenship and management team are experienced in creating support solutions for new and emerging technology. Hourly and on site consultation is available for the setup of your account with our center, using our outsourced agents or the setup of your own call center using inContact.


Leadership Team

team member

Jill started Frontline Call Center back in 2005 with the intention to provide year-round employment in the San Juan Islands. The success of the call center started an entrepreneurial fire in Jill that sparked the creation of Ternio and Frontline Services.

Jill Blankenship

team member

Sarah has been with the company 10 plus and understands the Frontline culture. With a strong background in business management and design she enjoys working with our clients and is able to identify with the various business models to help facilitate a smooth integration with Frontline’s services.

Sarah Wesen

Executive Director
team member

Carmen is a highly valued member of the team. Flexible in thought, she is able to keep the hundreds of moving pieces that make up Frontline running efficiently. Her ability to read patterns and communicate fluidly with both upper management or employees are valued skills and make her a best fit for this role.

Carmen Amos

Operations Manager
team member

Justin is a veteran problem solver who specializes in implementing best fit solutions for our technically oriented clients. His experience includes over 10 years of sales, management and customer service with companies such as Verizon and T-Mobile.

Justin Hill

Development Operations Manager
team member

Chantz has over 20 years experience in web design, as well as computer hardware, software, and networking. He has several years experience in implementations, and is an expert in cloud based technology platforms.

Chantz Cassel

Lead IT


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